Jack is Back Special 20 minute preview of 24: Live Another Day

FOX has released an incredible 20 minute special preview for 24: Live Another Day titled “Jack is Back.” The video has loads of brand new footage and interviews with just about the entire cast and includes the first footage of Michelle Fairley as the main villain Margot (in what looks to be a standout role). It’s all very exciting and definitely worth a watch.   ...

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24: Live Another Day Extended Trailer

FOX has released a brand new “movie” style trailer for 24: Live Another Day and it’s probably the best one yet, showing lots of Jack Bauer badassery. Check it out below. The season seems to start off with a level of intensity that hasn’t really been seen before. Much like last seasons final arc, Jack is laser-focused on a certain objective and absolutely no one is going to stand in his path. Bauer is seen p ...

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