24: Live Another Day “Every Second Counts” Promo

FOX has aired an extended sixty second promo for 24: Live Another Day with twice as much footage as the previous one. We get a good look at Yvonne Strahovski’s character, some more action scenes, and a few more plot details. Very exciting! The promo starts off with Bauer and a homeless man eating over a fire. A team of CIA field agents burst into the area with guns drawn. Bauer escapes and even effortlessly ...

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24: Live Another Day Super Bowl Teasers

FOX has started to air the first teasers for 24: Live Another Day. There’s going to be several brief teasers aired during the Super Bowl pregame leading up to the “show-stopping” big promo later tonight. We’ll be posting all of the teasers here and will make a separate post for the big TV spot. Teaser #1: Glass Teaser #2: Flame Teaser #3: Tower Teaser #4: Pistol ...

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