24: Live Another Day A Ratings Winner

24: Live Another Day A Ratings Winner 10 Million Viewers! The 24: Live Another Day formula has proven to be a ratings winner, drawing more viewers on Fox for the finale than the original full season finale four years ago. There are a number of factors that played in to this, including effective marketing, more convenient viewing options, and nostalgia – but whatever the reason, Fox would be foolish not to r ...

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’24′ Live Another Day on BLURAY Sept 30, 2014

              One of television's most critically-acclaimed dramas returns for one more mission as 24: Live Another Day arrives on Blu-ray on September 30th from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Starring Emmy winner Kiefer Sutherland as legendary hero Jack Bauer, the action-packed series follows our hero in real time over 12 episodes as a new terrorist threat unfo ...

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‘24: Live Another Day’ Episode 10 Recap: Think Like a Cheng Too

  ‘24: Live Another Day’ Episode 10 Recap: Think Like a Cheng Too   “Previously on 24” Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau (would send Clint Dempsey to Russia), Agent Kate Morgan (Lil Bauer The Katherine), Adrian Cross (head bad guy, met Chloe on Tinder), CIA Head of Station Steve Navarro (Benny Bratts the Evil Sprinter), Jack Bauer (the opposite of SCOTUS). Episode 10: 8-9 p.m. When we left, Jack was ch ...

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24: Live Another Day Recap: Rough Justice EP. 9

24: Live Another Day Recap: Rough Justice By Aaron Aradillas It's amazing how 24, working within the framework of its ticking-clock structure, still manages to find ways to deepen its characters and relationships through action. And Kiefer Sutherland, having lived with the character of Jack Bauer for almost 15 years, has yet to phone it in. He’s still discovering new colors within the character.             ...

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