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24 Season 5 Episode 23 & 24 Press Release (5:00AM – 7:00AM)

WITH THE CLOCK WINDING DOWN, JACK BAUER’S FIFTH NONSTOP DAY-FROM-HELL COMES TO A CLIMACTIC FULL CIRCLE IN THE SPECIAL TWO-HOUR SEASON FINALE OF “24″ MONDAY, MAY 22, ON FOX As the clock approaches the final hours of an extremely terrifying day underscored by a Presidential assassination and the threat of nerve gas, Agent Jack Bauer seeks to avenge the painful loss of innocent lives as well as CTU beloveds Ed ...

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Dennis Haysbert refused to film death scene

Is it true that you argued with 24‘s producers about the way they decided to kill off President Palmer? “We didn’t really have an argument about it; I just refused to do it for a great many months. Then they sent one of my friends, who’s now the show’s runner, and he convinced me to do it because they needed to launch the season – I believe that was Season Five – and they said they really couldn’t do it wit ...

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24 Season 4 Finale (5:00AM – 7:00AM) Photos

Official high-res promo stills from the two-hour 24 Season 4 finale. Habib Marwan (Arnold Vosloo) by a helicopter, the return of sexy assassin Mandy (Mia Kirshner), some nice Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler stuff, and an iconic Jack Bauer picture in the sunset on the train tracks. ...

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Mary Lynn Rajskub does an AMA on Reddit

Mary Lynn Rajskub did a Reddit AMA (which stands for “Ask me anything”) and answered fan questions for an hour. You can read all of them at this link, but here is a collection of all the 24 related questions and answers: Asked about her favorite season of 24: I love all of the seasons of 24, my favorite moments seem to be similar to the fans. When I got to shoot that terrorist…. pretty great. not that I’m i ...

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Greg Ellis and Kiefer Sutherland in The Confession promo pic

Here’s something cool: Greg Ellis (24 Season 3 villain Michael Amador) will appear in Kiefer Sutherland’s new web series The Confession, premiering in March on Hulu. Here’s a promo still of them together (Kiefer plays a hit man).   The Confession was written and directed by Brad Mirman, who Kiefer collaborated with before on the film Truth or Consequences, N.M. back in 1997. Mykelti Williamson (24‘s Br ...

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Riley Smith (24′s Kyle Singer) interviewed on show, working with Kiefer

Actor Riley Smith who played Kyle Singer in 24‘s third season was just interviewed about his role and what it was like to work with Kiefer Sutherland. You played Kyle Singer in season 3 of “24″ who had a tough storyline but survived. What was your hardest scene to play? Every scene of “24″ for me came so easy and natural. The writing, directing and camera team is so flawless that it makes us as actors on th ...

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Sarah Clarke interviewed about Nina Myers in 24 Season 3

Here’s a new interview with Sarah Clarke talking about 24. She reveals that Nina Myers was originally intended to appear in ten more episodes of the third season (bringing the character all the way to the season finale rather than being killed by Jack in episode 14). But both she and Kiefer agreed that it would feel unrealistic if Nina was able to escape again. I want to ask you about your past role in the ...

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“24″ Tops List of Best Fictional TV Presidents

Extra has created a list of Best Fictional TV Presidents and “24″ has a strong presence, nabbing four of the ten spots.   President David Palmer Show: “24″ Who: Dennis Haysbert Best quote: “Listen to me. All of you. I know you’re not in the same room with me but you can see and hear me plainly enough. Take a good look. Do I seem scared? Am I breaking into a nervous sweat? Am I babbling? At a loss for w ...

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